Concept Art


While Beautiful Titan is a story about Anuk and Felix’s complex relationship, after much deliberation I decided to include some references to motor-chariot racing in the trailer.

I hasten to add that the story is not about chariot racing. In fact, Anuk, the narrator, hates it ‘to her very bones’, but at a crucial stage of the novel Anuk is involved with a race at the Circus Maximus, so I feel it probably should be shown.

I spent some time creating the chariots – or ‘rig-racers’ as they are known in the story – in 3d CGI software. I’m posting the images above  just out of interested as they give a feel to the ‘world’ I’ve created. I could have used these illustrations on the cover. I didn’t in the end, despite all the work. I took the decision that it gave the wrong feel and impression. It was a case of just because you can, doesn’t mean you have to. However, the red scratched paint does live on in the cover, so now you know why.

Some of you may be interested in how I developed the concept so I’ve added a sideshow below. These are renders I did through the whole process from idea to finished design.

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